Alexion MPSIIIB clinical trial update

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Alexion MPSIIIB clinical trial update

Monday 17 July 2017

Alexion MPSIIIB Enzyme Replacement Clinical Trial

Dr Suresh Vijay, Clinical Trial Principal Investigator at Birmingham Children’s Hospital has confirmed that it is business as usual until he gets clarification from Alexion on the status of the clinical trial and he will continue clinical trial visits as scheduled.

The MPS Society is fully appraised of the situation our members on this clinical trial are dealing with and we do not under estimate how difficult the situation is for each and every family. I know that the Advocacy team spoke to all our members except one on the clinical trial as soon as the news came in on Friday and will be there to support you as developments unfold.

Our Group Chief Executive is in close dialogue with Dr Suresh Vijay and parents of these clinical trial patients should contact Dr Vijay for all matters of a clinical nature.

The MPS Society is due to speak to Alexion’s medical directors tomorrow and will update its members accordingly.