We are thrilled to have exceeded our Christmas Campaign target and raised a whopping £3,300!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Christmas Campaign this year, together we can make a difference to the lives of children and families affected by MPS and related diseases.

We are hugely reliant on donations to keep our unique support services going, please head back to our homepage to find out how else to get involved with MPS Society today.


Meet our supporters

Lee and Annabelle

Lee and Anabelle

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My little girl, Anabelle, was born with MPS I Hurlers and went through the process of a bone marrow transplant at Great Ormond Street. The MPS Society was invaluable to us at that time. When she came out of hospital we as a group ran our first Great South Run in 2012 and raised money for the Society. This gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Sadly two months after that Anabelle passed on Christmas day. I have to say Anabelle has changed me forever. I have never known strength in a person let alone someone as little as her. When I run (and I am not a natural sports person) I draw strength from her and feel as though I am doing something for her and in her name. Although Anabelle is no longer with us, she and MPS is still very much an important part of our lives, and always will be.

Surrey Square School

Surrey Square School fundraising

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Surrey Square School have been avid supporters of the MPS Society raising awareness and funds each year as they have a child with Morquio at their school. “Debbie’s visits to the school to share her knowledge of this disease with staff and pupils meant that Harvey’s time at Surrey Square School has been easier and more inclusive. Knowing that there is someone there to help and advise has been invaluable. His fellow pupils care a lot for him and look out for him whenever they can. He is a valued part of our community. We’re so happy to support the MPS Society for all the good work they do in helping boys like Harvey and the community around him. We celebrate MPS day every year to raise awareness of MPS and help our whole community raise funds for this great charity.”

Zainab and Adnan

Zainab and Adnan

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I am Zainab, mum to Adnan, 4, who has MPS II. When we first found out about Adnan’s diagnosis we were so overwhelmed with information about his rare disease, however, Great Ormond Street Hospital put us in touch with the MPS Society who sent us a concise information pack which provided us with some really useful information, guidance and advice about MPS II. With the disease being so rare we just didn’t know who to turn to, but the pack we received from the MPS Society just made us feel a little more equipped with knowledge and less alone, especially as it included stories of other children with the same condition as Adnan. I really don’t know how we would have coped without the support of the MPS Society they have given our family support when we have really needed it and helped us make some amazing memories as a family, so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!