Ideas for fundraising as an individual or in your community

If you are looking for some inspirational ideas for fundraising why not download our Guide to Fundraising which has lots of great ways to have fun, and raise money for the MPS Society.

What about signing up for a sponsored event or challenge for the MPS Society! Push yourself, have fun, raise awareness and get sponsorship all in a good cause! It could be a once in a lifetime experience like a run or skydive or something you do once a year just for the fun of it, for example a run or cycle.

Go public with your fundraising – check out some of our advice and help in contacting your local or regional press to help raise awareness.

The Weather Lottery

UK’s leading fundraising Lottery allows players the chance to support a good cause close to their hearts (be it  big or small), as well as having a chance to win prizes in a weekly lottery draw.  A minimum of 37% will go to the chosen cause. The remainder is split between the prize fund and the cost of the operating the lottery. The cost of the weekly lottery draw is £1.00 per entry per player and a there is a guaranteed jackpot of £25,000 every week. If you would like to add the Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases as the charity you would like to support, then you can log onto their site and select ‘Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases’.

If you are stuck for ideas here is the A – Z of some of our favourites:

  • Awareness Day

MPS Awareness Day is annual event every 15th May. Pay £1 and Wear It Blue

  • Ball

Glam up for the night for a Gala Ball

  • Cake Sale doodle-cake.png

Forget the diet for the day and host a cake sale

  • Dress Down or up Day

Dare you wear your most outrageous wardrobe item

  • Eating Challenge

Think pies, think gorging, and think an eating contest!

  • Football Tournament doodle-football.png

One team against the next. Who’s the best?

  • Guess the Baby Competition

Were you a cute kid or a tearaway? More importantly will your colleagues recognise the younger you?

  • Halloween Disco doodle-pumpkin.png

A chance to get really Wicked!

  • Ironing Service

A task we’d all pay someone else to do

  • Jelly Chopstick Challenge

A chance to get messy!

  • Kissing Booth doodle-kisses.png

No explanation needed here…

  • Leap Out of a Plane

Are you brave enough to take part in a skydive or other challenge?

  • Music Event doodle-music.png

Make some music for charity

  • Night Walk

Get a group of friends together for a sponsored night time stroll

  • Open House/Garden

Open your doors to the public and offer cakes and tea

  • Pack Lunch Week doodle-sandwich.png

The money you save goes to a great cause

  • Quiz Night

In the pub / village hall / school canteen – everyone loves a quiz

  • Race Night

Pick a horse, place your bet and collect your winnings … maybe

  • Sponsored anything you like
  • Treasure Hunt

In the car, in the playground, in a shopping centre?

  • Unwanted Gift Sale

Everyone brings in the presents that have been lurking in the back of the cupboard for a great sale

  • Variety Show doodle-microphone.png

Who do you know who has what it takes to be a future celebrity?

  • Waxing

A opportunity to get silky, especially if you’re very hairy!

  • Xmas Card and Hamper Sale

Get creative. Make and sell your own Christmas goodies

  • Yes Challenge doodle-yes.png

Get sponsored to say yes to every challenge

  • Zodiac Night

Book a palm reader / fortune teller for the night and invite your friends to discover what lies ahead.