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Go public with your fundraising!

press media

To reach an even wider audience with your fundraising event, you could contact your local or regional press. Be it a newspaper, radio station, magazine, blog or website, these media avenues can be invaluable in spreading the word and raising awareness for MPS.

How to write a press release

We have provided a sample press release under our Fundraising Pack and Resources section, but the key things to remember when writing a press release is to make it exciting, keep it snappy and not too wordy, and to ensure you include the basic essentials of who, what, where, when and why. As set out in our sample press release, it would be great if you could also give them some information on the MPS Society and what it is we do.

It is worthwhile remembering that one of the things that make a successful press release is its relevance, and you will need to state all your facts straight up. Leave the hyperbole to the journalists!

First steps

Once you have constructed your press release you will need to decide who you wish to approach: for fundraising events, the more local the publication or station, the better.

Whether you decide to email in your press release or whether you call the journalist, it is important to find out who it is you should be contacting. For newspapers the ‘News Desk’ is one place to start, and for TV or radio stations you can try the ‘Forward Planning’ team. A quick internet search usually turns up relevant numbers and email addresses.

If you do choose to email, it is a good idea to paste your press release into the body of the email; journalists will sometimes delete anything with an attachment as they can slow their computers down or contain viruses.

Further points to consider

If your story appeals and you are given coverage, well done! Not only have you successfully publicised your fundraising event, either inspiring with your feats of endurance or else unleashing upon your local community images of you dressed as a smurf for Wear It Blue, but you have also made lots more people aware of MPSFabry and related diseases, and the MPS Society, which is a fantastic achievement.

If you are asked for an interview, and you need any further advice from us, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at We would be very happy to help you out in whatever way we can.

If you do get featured in the local rag, or if you receive any other media coverage, please do remember to tell us about it!