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Fundraising at University and College

Raising and Giving on Campus (RAG)

If university students are interested in supporting a good cause while being at campus, then choosing to support the MPS Society as your university’s annual RAG would be something you might wish to get involved in. Some universities host their RAGs for one week in the year and others host them right throughout the year. Your student fundraising association would be able to let you know which one applies to your university.

If you choose to get involved, fundraising will be done throughout the RAG season to support the Society. Usually fundraising would involve putting on events and raising awareness which encourages as much fundraising as possible. If you require a fundraising pack to help you get started in your fundraising efforts, then please let us know at and we will gladly send one to you.

RAG fundraising ideas could include:

  • Hold a Rag Raid – Organise a Ball or Club Night
  • Escape and Evade – get sponsorship to get as far away from your university and back in a set amount of time without spending any money.
  • Waxing, dyeing, shaving, painting yourself in the name of charity!
  • Wear It Blue or hold a Wicked Walkabout

We have made it easy for you to get involved with posters and other materials which you can download.

Other ways to raise while at university

If you’re too busy with studies and don’t have enough time to be involved in RAGs, why not buy your stationery, laptops or any other materials needed for university through Easyfundraising. You simply have to purchase the goods you wish for on Once online, you will be able to make your selection under the store which stocks the items you desire and it won’t cost you anything extra. Once the purchase is made, you will receive a cash reward which you can turn into a donation to the Society.


Perhaps you would like to build up learning skills whilst at university? Maybe you are in childcare, marketing, business, design, illustration, film, drama or photography? Let us know as we could find a volunteer opportunity to match the skills you wish to gain. In this way you will be gaining invaluable experience whilst supporting a good cause.

We look forward to hearing about your fundraising events and hope you enjoy your time at uni!