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The MPS Society is the only UK charity providing professional support to individuals affected by MPS and related Lysosomal Storage Diseases, their families, carers and professionals. We also fund research into the causes, effects and treatments of these severely life-limiting diseases and raise public awareness.

Thanks in part to funding by the MPS Society there are now 5 treatments available for the 25 MPS and related diseases that we support. Please find out more about the Society’s achievements.

It’s easy to forget we are a small charity because of what we have achieved, but we have only been able to do all this thanks to the voluntary donations and fundraising efforts of people like you.

We still have so much more we know we can do, please support us.


Volunteer Fundraising in aid of the MPS Society

When you are fundraising for the MPS Society, please make it clear that you are raising funds in aid of the MPS Society and that you are not an actual representative of the charity. The MPS Society will accept no responsibility or liability for fundraising events and activities that are arranged by volunteer fundraisers in aid of the MPS Society. We have a clear policy on Volunteer Fundraising which is available upon request.

Further information on volunteer fundraising can also be found on the Fundraising Regulator website.