Wear It Blue


Wear it Blue

Wear it Blue is our most recognisable fundraising campaign. We run it throughout the year but it’s always most popular on and around International MPS Awareness Day which is celebrated on 15 May every year.

The idea is simple, wear it blue and donate £1 to the MPS Society. It couldn’t be easier. But we have tried to make it even easier by putting together this leaflet to help you make the most of your Wear it Blue event.

Wear it Blue leaflet     Wear it Blue poster     Fundraising pack

Whatever you decide to do remember to get in touch to let us know what you have planned. You can also request a fundraising pack, which is full of useful information, balloons, leaflets and posters, or download a selection of fundraising materials.

Local press are often interested in charity stories, so don’t forget to let them know what is going on, when and why. We have put together a draft press release that you can adapt to use with your local press.

Email us to let us know what you have planned and how you get on!

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