Wear It Blue


MPS Awareness Day – Wear It Blue

May 15th every year is MPS Awareness Day, part of an international campaign to increase public awareness of these rare genetic diseases.

MPS Awareness Day is a day for individuals and families worldwide who have been affected by MPS and related diseases, it’s a day to think about all the children and adults who suffer from these life-limiting conditions and to remember those loved ones we have lost.

But, it’s also a day to celebrate the treatments now available and those we hope are yet to come.

Wear it Blue for MPS Awareness Day, Monday 15th May 2017!

Every year our supporters and members pull out all the stops to make the day special. This year we are encouraging everyone to get involved – the more the merrier! Be as wild and creative as you like, but if you are stuck for inspiration take a look at the list below for the some of the most popular ideas for this special day:


Our biggest campaign for the day. Get your school, office, nursery or university involved with this simple fundraiser. Just charge £1 to wear blue for the day, whether that involves something as simple as digging out a blue shirt or going all out and dressing as a smurf! This is a great way to get colleagues and friends talking about MPS.

Download your Wear it Blue poster here!


Everyone loves cake! Invite friends and colleagues to bake something for the day to raise funds and awareness for the MPS Society. Take a look at our Bake Sale page for more info.


Grab your walking boots and a group of willing friends and get sponsored to complete a walk. You could even include a Wear it Blue theme to get noticed when you are out and about. For more information on sponsored walks, take a look at our Wicked Walkabout page.

Whatever you decide to do remember to get in touch to let us know what you have planned. You can also request a fundraisingpack, which is full of useful information, balloons, leaflets and posters, or download a selection of fundraising materials.

Local press are often interested in charity stories, so don’t forget to let them know what is going on, when and why.
Email fundraising@mpssociety.org.uk to let us know what you have planned and how you get on!

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