Wear It Wicked

Wear It Wicked at Halloween

Wear it Wicked HVPD.jpg
This Halloween we want to get as many of you as we can Wearing it Wicked in aid of the MPS Society. It’s a great time of year to have fun with friends, family and colleagues and help us make a difference to those affected by MPS and related diseases.

It is thanks in part to funding from the MPS Society that we now have treatments like Enzyme Replacement Therapy for 5 of the 25 diseases supported by the MPS Society which simply wasn’t available only 10 years ago.  The MPS Society’s Advocacy team ensures that our members always have a source of support and advice whenever it’s needed.  We have come so far, but there is still so much we can do, but we need your help.

Wear it Wicked

We are asking as many schools, businesses and communities to get everyone involved by giving a £1 to Wear it Wicked! Pay just £1 to Wear it Wicked and help the MPS Society support families and fund vital research into treatment. To get involved, download a Wear It Wicked poster and email us for a fundraising pack.

Make your fundraising fangtastic…

Wear it Wicked and hold a small ghoulish gathering with apple bobbing and pumpkin carving at home or perhaps you feel brave enough to hold a broomstick ball, or a deadly disco.

  • Hold a dusk Wicked Walkabout taking in local spooky haunts
  • Guess the weight of the pumpkin
  • Hold a fright night film evening and ask your audience to ‘pay per view’
  • Hold a Wicked Cake sale with morose morsels

Don’t forget whatever you do Wear it Wicked and help make a difference…