MPS Awareness Week

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MPS Awareness Week 13-19 May 2019

This year we’re raising awareness for a whole week! We want to educate as many people as possible about the signs and symptoms of MPS and related diseases so that more families can get an earlier diagnosis. This will mean better treatment and in some cases it could even save a life.

Receiving an early diagnosis will mean a family will be less isolated, they will know where to turn to for expert advice and will be able to join the rare disease community.

We want to reach as many people as possible with our life saving messages over MPS Awareness Week and we’re asking our members and supporters to get involved in the following ways.

Awareness ribbonHold an MPS Awareness Week information stand

Register for an information pack and hold an information stand on any day of MPS Awareness Week, in your local community, school or work place.  Why not combine it with a ‘Wear it Blue’ bake sale and sell cakes decorated in blue icing? You will attract people to your stand to learn more about the charity and also raise funds!

Fundraise with Wear it BlueT-shirt

On Wednesday 15 May 2019 we are asking everyone to ‘Wear it Blue’ in your school, work place or local community.  You could simply wear a blue t-shirt or tie or go the whole hog and paint your face or spray paint your hair, this is totally up to you! Why not combine it with a ‘Wear it Blue’ bake sale to raise even more funds!

Collection boxBucket collect in your local area

We are after volunteers to get involved and raise funds in their local area. This could be bucket collecting outside of a local shopping centre or a local supermarket and we can help you get permission for this.

Face paints

Become a social media ambassador

There will be a wealth of information being added to our social media channels and we would love for everyone to share these posts with their networks. Register today for your social media toolkit with advice on how to do this.

Register today!

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