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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 this year we weren’t able to bring members of our community and their families together which has meant feelings of isolation and loneliness for many. At the MPS Society we know how important it is to provide opportunities to meet up with people who understand these rare diseases, which is why in 2021 we want to make sure families have the chance to build connections through our support service and a series of family events.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Big Give Christmas Challenge this year. You are amazing.

Thank you for helping to smash our target this year. If you would still like to donate to our Christmas campaign you can do so by following the link below.

How your money makes a difference


will pay for a sapling tree to be planted in the MPS Society Remembrance Wood by a bereaved family.


could pay for a support officer to visit a school so students and teachers learn how best to support a child with one of these rare diseases.


could pay for a family of four to visit a theme park during an MPS Society family event giving much needed fun and respite whilst in the company others who understand these rare diseases.


Georgina Cartwright, who has Fabry disease, told us what it meant to her and her family to be part of the MPS Society visit to Lapland UK in 2019.

An invisible illness can be such a lonely journey, but we are so grateful as a family to know the MPS Society will always be there for all of us – for me, especially, and for my husband and daughter, Blossom. Thank you for making a dream come true with a visit to Lapland UK. It was one of my favourite days ever. Blossom said it was hers, and she nearly fell off the chair when Father Christmas showed her name on the 'good' list. It's a memory I'll keep replaying forever.