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Clinics allow families and individuals to meet and access support

Regional clinics

Clinics allow individuals affected by MPS, Fabry and or a related lysosomal disease to see a specialist consultant and, where possible, other medical professionals on the same day. This reduces the need to attend a number of separate appointments. Clinics also enable individuals and families to meet with one another as well as with members of the support and advocacy team who also attend the clinics.


Specialist clinics are held across the UK in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London and Newcastle.


A list of scheduled clinics can be found below. If you would like more information about these clinics, or information about how to attend one, please contact our support team by email or phone 0345 389 9901

Contact the support and advocacy team

Call our support line on 0345 389 9901 (open Monday to Friday, 9pm to 5pm)

For out of hours support call 07712 653 258 (open Monday to Friday, 7am to 9am and 5pm to 10pm and weekends, 7am to 10pm)

Or email us at anytime

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