Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan)

Is a plan that looks at all the needs a child or young person has within education, health and care, where needs are greater than that of a typical child. It is the duty of local authority to assess and implement the plan. Once a plan is in place, this will be reviewed annually.

Special Educational Need (SEN)

This is used to describe a child or young person, who has educational needs that require more support than that of a typical child. This may still be heard from time to time, but with the introduction of EHC Plans, this term is likely to be used less often.

Social care and mental health

Children in Need (CIN)

Disabled children are automatically classed as Children in Need under s.17 Children Act 2014. Not all disabled children will become involved with the local authority. Families that feel they need some advice and information or access to support are usually referred. Referrals can be made by the family themselves, or by a professional. The Local Authority will gain further information to decide if child has an eligible need, so that they can provide information and services to them. Social workers will then carry out an assessment of need with the family, meet and observe the child and liaise with the other professionals involved, before making a plan to identify how the child and family can be supported. Once a plan has been made this will be reviewed every six months.

Team Around the Child (TAC)

This is a gathering of the main professionals from different backgrounds who work directly with the family. The professionals identified usually come from health, education and social care. The aim is to provide a wealth of information and support to the family that is greater than if the family were supported by just one person. The team and family meet at regular intervals to provide support and advice.

Children Act 1989 updated 2014, Section 47 (S.47)

Investigation into the safety and wellbeing of a child where concerns have been raised, that they are suffering from, or are likely to suffer from significant harm, or are being held in police protection. Children’s social care will talk to the parents and child separately and will gather information from the professionals who work directly with the child to determine the child’s needs and if they have been or are likely to be at risk of suffering from significant harm.


Child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS)

This is a specialist support and advice service, for children and young people with and from emotional and behavioural difficulties. Following an assessment the child and/or family may be offered counselling, play therapy, psychotherapy or family therapy.

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