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Dealing with stress and coping

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The stress involved in caring for a child with a long-term illness is considerable, but these tips might ease the strain:

There’s no way to “fix” a fear or feeling but here are some ways in which you can help. 

Break problems into manageable parts. If your child's treatment is expected to be given over an extended time, view it in more manageable time blocks. Planning a week or a month at a time may be less overwhelming.

  • Try to get plenty of rest and, to the extent possible, pay attention to your relationship with your spouse, hobbies, and friendships.

  • Depend on friends. Let others — relatives, friends — share responsibilities of caring for your child. Remember that you can't do it all.

  • Everyone handles stress differently. If you and your spouse have distinct coping styles, talk about them and try to accommodate them. Don't pretend that they don't exist.

  • Develop working partnerships with health care professionals and the MPS support team. Realise that you are all part of the team. Ask questions and learn all you can about your child's illness.

  • Consult other parents, they can offer information and understanding

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