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How you can help

It’s easy to forget we are a small charity because of what we have achieved, but we have only been able to do all this thanks to people like you. We still have so much more we know we can do, please support us.

Keep supporting us

We need your help more than ever before. With 1500 families across the UK that need our help and less opportunities to fundraise your support really counts.

Ways to get involved

Raise awareness

MPS Awareness Week in May is one of our largest events and a great way to bring our community together, share our stories, talk about MPS disease and, of course, Wear it Blue! This year, we went virtual. Click below to read more about our week of fun, fundraising and awareness.

Events and challenges

Run, cycle, swim or skydive to raise money to support people living everyday with a rare, genetic condition. What will you do to make a difference today?

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