Leaving a gift in your will


A gift in your will can support families in the future

Writing a will can seem daunting and easy to put off but it’s actually really simple to do. A gift in your will means you will be helping the MPS Society provide support to those affected by MPS, Fabry and related conditions and also help accelerate our research strategy, so we can find better treatments and care now and in the future.

One of our members explains how the MPS Society was there for them when they needed us the most and why they plan to leave a gift in their will to help families in the future.

"We were overwhelmed by the comfort of not being alone anymore. Please consider a gift in your will to enable further research and to enable the MPS Society to continue its invaluable support to the families." - MPS Society member.

How do I write my will?

It can be difficult to choose from the hundreds of solicitors available, so the MPS Society has teamed up with Beyond to offer you 50% off when you write your will. The service usually costs £90, but if you enter the code MPS50 at the checkout, you get your will for £45. 

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If you have any other questions or would like to speak with someone about supporting the MPS Society in your Will, please call: 

0345 389 9901 or email us below.

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Giving hope for the future

Get our easy to follow information pack to find out how to leave a gift in your will and the hope it will give to the future of those living with MPS, Fabry and related diseases.