Frequently asked questions about the vaccination programme for COVID-19

Updated: Jan 6


The BIMDG (British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group – the professional society for doctors, nurses, dietitians, scientists and psychologists involved in the diagnosis and management of individuals with inherited metabolic disease) has prepared these responses to frequently asked questions about the vaccine progamme for COVID-19.

The BIMDG is strongly supportive of the vaccination programme for COVID-19 and hopes that any patient who is offered vaccination will take up the offer.

1. Is there any particular inherited metabolic or lysosomal storage disorder where patients would be advised not to have a COVID-19 vaccination?

NO. Vaccination is considered safe for all inherited metabolic disorders.

2. Can I have the vaccine if I need to follow a prescribed low protein diet?

YES. The amount of protein in the vaccines is negligible and having the vaccine will neither affect how well your condition is controlled, nor will you need to reduce your protein intake (exchanges).

3. If I am offered vaccination would I need to have it done locally or with my specialist centre?