Lockdown positivity

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

We asked you what you're doing to keep positive and stay healthy during lockdown this time round. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone across the UK for almost a whole year, and we have been in touch with our members to find out their top tips on self-care whilst living in lockdown with MPS, Fabry and related diseases.

Amy - MPS I Hurler

During lockdown I have realised how important having my cat, Caspar has been for me. When I have had low mood or not feeling my best, he seems to pick up on it and sit or lay by my side.

I have also made a good effort to take on advice from my general practitioner, because of Covid-19 my trip to receive hydrotherapy will be a while away, luckily I was told that using a foot spa could help, I was able to get myself a foot spa that I can use from home which will hopefully help with my swelling.

Another saving grace for me has been the extra hours given to my carers from social services, which has made this time less isolating and they have been able to go out on my behalf and get my essentials like food or home supplies.

Amy's top tip

Take comfort in your furry friends, make use of the care and support available and take on any advice given to you from your general practitioner for alternative ways to stay physically healthy from home.

Janet - Fabry

If you are feeling a little low, do something that helps others. Make masks, find ways you can help, check on your neighbours. The gifts and talents you possess could be someone else’s saving grace, and helping others will make you feel good.

If you have some extra free time make sure you’re taking a few moments to work on things you enjoy. If you like baking, if you can crochet, reading a book etc.

Janet's top tip

If you’re still able to get food, sleep in a safe place and feel healthy, make sure you take a few minutes each day to remind yourself how lucky you are. Focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t.

Jacob - MPS I Hurler

I have kept lockdown positive by giving myself a weekly routine which involves: calisthenics/ body weight workouts, reading, art, board games and walking our dogs. With all of these activities I can develop the level of difficulty so that I can feel as though I am always achieving something, and this keeps me motivated to keep on doing them.

Jacob's top tip

Create a weekly routine of activities that you can develop over time. I have chosen a mixture of activities for my physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Myles - MPS I Hurler-Scheie

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