Staying active at home with Michelle Wood

Michelle Wood is a physiotherapist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. She has shared her physio advice, ideas, hints and tips to help you keep active at home.

MPS is complex and you may all have different symptoms so Michelle has kept this video as general as possible. We’d love to hear how you are managing and if you have any good ways to keep active during lockdown. Feel free to share them via our social media channels using #WednesdayWebinarSeries.

Why keep active?

Joint stiffness, muscle weakness and decreased exercise tolerance are areas of concern and physio is aimed at trying to promote physical activity and movement. Of course, this is going to be a big challenge at the moment as routines have been altered, there’s no school, you may have limited access to outdoor spaces and there are many who are shielding.

You may have children with a massive amount of energy they need to burn off, members of the family who are wheelchair dependent and others with severe mobility issues who are struggling to get outside at all.

"Exercise is a great thing"

Ways to maintain activity

The main thing we want to try to do is to maintain activity as much as you can. Active movements will protect joints and help to maintain muscle length, muscle strength and exercise tolerance. But how do we do that?

If your child is mobile and active try to