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Make a regular donation to the MPS Society

Thank you for setting up a regular donation.  

Your support means we are able to be there for everyone affected, whether that’s a family with a young child recently diagnosed or a young adult transitioning into adulthood.  


As a small charity that receives no government funding, we are truly grateful for supporters like you. 

How your money helps


£8 could pay for an information pack which is likely to be the first time a newly diagnosed family will receive trusted facts about a complex disease their doctor might not even have heard of. 

£17 could fund a Support Worker to provide advice that's specific to a child and their family about one of many issues they will face, or to just be there when they're feeling overwhelmed. 

£25 could pay for a Support Worker to give a school talk so that students and teachers can understand the difficulties a child with MPS, Fabry or a related lysosomal disease will face every day.  

Contact us


Call the fundraising team on: 0345 389 9901 or 

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