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Welcome to Sensory Sessions

A series of events for our UK members offering a variety of fun and friendly activities that everyone can enjoy

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Welcome to the Sensory workshops page

Update 7/12/21:

Helen and Julie at Simply Sensory Training have very kindly put together some sensory Christmas video clips for you to do with your children in the lead up to Christmas and during the holidays. There are seven different activities to do and you can view the videos in the blog post below. We hope you enjoy them!

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Our helpline is open 9-5pm

Monday-Friday: 0345 389 9901

Out of hours support line open 5pm-10pm Monday-Friday and weekends:

07712 653 258 

We are excited about these sessions and would love to chat with you further if you have any questions.

Update May 2021:

The sensory sessions have been postponed. We will update this page as soon as we hear confirmation about new dates.


About the sensory sessions

Over the next number of weeks, the Support and Advocacy Team would be delighted if you would join us on Zoom for some tailored sensory sessions.

As a team, we’ve seen and recognised that sensory issues (although they might sound insignificant) can become huge barriers in the day to day lives of the families we support.

  • Hands up if your child really struggles with food textures

  • Hands up if your child puts everything (cat’s tail included!) into their mouth

  • Hands up if you are supporting an adult with a neurological impairment who really struggles with labels on clothes or the seams of their t-shirt

Individually these things might sound small – but when you’re faced with them every day, they can become really problematic. As a team, we’ve heard it all and we want to bring you something that can truly make a difference.

We are delighted that Helen and Julie from Simply Sensory Training are going to be working with us to deliver our members a series of workshops that we know will support you and the person you’re caring for. They both worked at Fountaindale Special School where their passion and specialism was sensory support and integration.

The sessions are split into two groups. They are:

Sensory sessions for parents and carers

  • Intensive interaction and engagement

  • Hands-on creative low-tech ideas

  • A greater understanding on visual and hearing impairment

In these sessions, you’ll join with Helen, Julie and other parents and carers to explore sensory play and integration.


You’ll learn how to use the things you have at home to provide wonderful sensory experiences; how to support those with visual and hearing loss; and how to support those with specific sensory needs. 


One of the Support and Advocacy Team will be on hand for support and we cannot wait to learn with you!

Sensory sessions for children, young people and adults 

  • Interactive messy sensory play and exploration

  • Interactive sensory rich movement activities 

We are delighted that Helen and Julie will be running sessions for the very people these sessions are designed to support. 

These will be fun (and messy) but with a purpose! The sessions are designed for children, those with learning difficulties, those with neurological involvement; and the people who care for them.


We’ll ask you to move around, get messy, be noisy; but most of all have fun learning about how to bring sensory play into your home.


Once registered you’ll get information about how to set up your space (and we might even pop a few surprises in the post to get you started!).

Sensory sessions and MPS Awareness Week

We are delighted to announce that Helen and Julie are making the messy play sensory session on 12 May blue themed in honour of MPS Awareness Week. For more information about what we're doing for MPS Awareness Week 2021, click here.

Here are some videos from the sensory sessions

How do I book?

The events will be available online as soon as we have new dates for the workshops.

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