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Sibling support

Having a child with a life threatening illness can affect the entire family including brothers and sisters

Being told you or your child has a life-limiting disease is a life-changing event – not just for the person or child affected but for the whole family. Often support is made readily available for the affected person but often siblings can be forgotten about in the whirlwind of new life and at times not enough attention is given to the needs of siblings.

Siblings may have lots of questions about why their brother or sister is poorly, why they can’t do a lot of the things that they and their friends can do. They might also wonder why they need to have certain medicines. Download our Sibling factsheet.

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Explore workshops and resources developed in partnership with Sibs UK.

How we can help

Contact the support and advocacy team

Our helpline is open 9-5pm Monday-Friday: 0345 389 9901 or you can email:
Out of hours support line are open 5pm-10pm Monday-Friday and weekends: 07712 653 258 

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