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Step into Spring 

Walk 10,000 steps a day in March, get fit and raise some cash for your favourite charity. 

Raise £25 in fundraising and we'll send out our brand new yellow MPS Society t-shirt and a packet of wildflower seeds 

Step into Spring 

10,000 STEPS a day in March

Following on from the success of 2,000 squats in September last year, we thought it was time for a new challenge so we’ve launched Step into Spring, our brand new Facebook fundraising event. We’re asking you to walk 10,000 steps a day in March and it’s super easy to get involved.


Here’s how:

  • Sign up and create your Facebook fundraiser all in one simple step here

  • Join our exclusive Facebook group here


When you hit £25 in fundraising, we’ll send out one of our brand new yellow MPS Society t-shirts! But that’s not all! For this challenge, we’re also sending out a cute little packet of wildflower seeds along with your t-shirt so you can create a living memory of that time you took part in Step into Spring for the MPS Society.


If you want to adapt the challenge to better suit you, then go for it. If, for example, you are completing the challenge in a wheelchair, you could aim for about 5 miles per day, which would be 155 miles in March.


From everyone at the MPS Society and on behalf of the wonderful families and individuals we support, THANK YOU. You are truly helping to make a difference to so many lives. Enjoy the challenge!


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March 2023



Wherever you roam!

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