The Society’s overarching research objective is to ‘Promote and Support Research into MPS and Related Disorders.’ Its purpose is to play a leading role with clinicians, scientists and academics in initiating and funding innovative research projects which may have a therapeutic benefit to those affected by MPS and Related Disorders.

How we started funding research

Initially, the MPS Society funded one-off projects because it could not rely on regular funding. In 1995 the MPS Society entered into a partnership with the Jeans for Genes charity that generated regular income for research. As a result of this income the Society undertook to develop an MPS Stem Cell Group at the University of Manchester with an initial programme grant of over £300,000. As you will read, support to this group has grown and many research projects have been funded.

Our research history

Our research strategy

The Society’s Research Strategy ‘Making a difference’ set out how this was to be achieved:

  • Promote and fund research into the causes and effect of these severely life-limiting diseases with particular emphasis on getting enzyme into the brain
  • Extend the psychological research programme identifying the impact of MPS and Related Disorders and publish the results
  • Continue to develop the MPS Registry

Since 1985 the Society has funded and participated in innovative projects that have advanced the knowledge of MPS and related diseases. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, due to the decline in income for research, many important research projects remain unfunded.

Your Support

If you would be interested in supporting well-managed and cutting edge research that may lead to treatment for children and adults with Mucopolysaccharide and related diseases please contact us.