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Mini avengers


Get your child to channel their inner superhero this August!


Every 8 days in the UK, a child is diagnosed with an MPS or a related lysosomal disease. In August we want your child to carry out a challenge based around the number 8 to recognise this and to raise as much as they can to help children living with one of 27 rare, life-limiting diseases.  


After the challenge every child or young adult who takes part will get an extra special superhero themed certificate!


Here are some ideas on how to complete the challenge:


  • Choose 8 chores to do around the house, at school or at a local club like Brownies or Scouts

  • Do a mile a day for 8 days either walking, toddling, running or jogging with your family or at school

  • Give up TV for 8 days or go without a favourite snack


 Top tips for fundraising

  • Set a goal, whether that’s £8, £18 or £80 it all adds up and makes a massive difference

  • Remember to get permission from the school or local group where applicable

  • Make sure every child has a sponsor form,  you can download one here


Throughout August


Throughout the UK

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